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Capture data from all your disinfection efforts and and testing procedures and turn it into actionable insight with our data engine and analysis. With participation in the enviraSAFE program, monitor and validate your disinfection and cleaning processes and products. Capture and integrate your business information such as inspection and audit tracking, disinfection and cleaning activity modeling, training and competency assessment, facility drawings and room inventory, and other proprietary data. Spot contamination or problem areas quickly and take action to maintain the confidence of your customers and employees. With enviraPANEL analyze your complete infection prevention environment.

How it Works

The enviraSAFE solution incorporates your infection prevention data and environmental testing information using advanced data visualization and analysis tools. Information delivery through mobile and cloud computing offers you the most integrated and productive infection prevention and analysis solution available. No matter what disinfection products or procedures you are using, we can incorporate your data into the enviraSAFE environment for infection detection, control and prevention.

Our Tools

enviraPANEL is your customized infection prevention and control data analysis and visualization platform for these uncertain times. By managing and visually analyzing your entire infection prevention ecosystem with enviraPANEL, your decision support has never been easier. enviraCHECK is an optional iPhone, iPAD, and Android mobile capture platform to capture data associated with the environmental condition of your facility. Integrate this data into your enviraPANEL customized dashboard solution.

A Few Applicable Industries…


For hotels and lodging industries, ensure your housekeeping services and cleaning products are topnotch. Are the right products and procedures in place to maintain the level of health and safety your customers expect? With enviraSAFE trend analysis and alerts, be ahead of the game.


For long-term care facilities, clinics, or outpatient services, model your disinfection procedures and events to validate efficacy of your infections control. Integrate learning management for environmental services workers to ensure competency in the battle against infections and more.


For the airline and travel industries, make sure your environmental services and procedures are in compliance with your high standards. enviraSAFE alerts, trending and modeling keep you ahead of the the competition by ensuring the health and safety of your customers and employees.

Environmental Services

For large scale environmental teams, enviraSAFE analysis ensures you are using the right disinfecting and cleaning products. The ROI modeling lets you focus on the most effective ways to increase health and safety and integrated learning management means the highest standards are achieved.


Overall facility health can be modeled when data from all infection prevention and control events and processes are aligned with your corporate data. Analysis and modeling provide you the information needed to better manage and mitigate infection prevention risks and costs.


With enviraPANEL customization services, we can integrate your own infection prevention and control information. The true power of enviraPANEL’s decision support shines when it’s driven by your own data. Here are a few of the powerful integrations possible.

event management
elearning with enviraPANEL
task management

Integrate Disinfection Events for Analysis and Trending

Using Bioluminescence (ATP), Microbial Labs, UV Disinfection, Electrostatic Fogging or Misting? We can extract data from data producing devices or your own event tracking system and manipulate the data within the enviraPANEL framework to present actionable data for trend analysis and decision support. Other events such as quality inspections can be monitored as well and we offer an integrated mobile inspection system with enviraCHECK, our iPhone, iPAD, and Android compatible mobile environmental capture platform..

Integrate Learning Management and Quality Assessment

We can integrate your learning management system (LMS) or our recommended LMS environment into the enviraPANEL to reduce your costs through proactive learning enrollment and proficiency assessment. Not only can key personnel see their employees’ learning history, they can also track such information as quality assessments and reviews. Tying quality assessments with a learning system allows decision makers to easily, and often automatically, assign employees to needed courses or direct them to video tutorials or other training materials.

Analyze and Manage Environmental Services

Using a work management system? We can pull your data for advanced analysis and optionally deploy an intelligent system for viewing your facilities’ drawings, room assets, duty lists and other data, and reports. We can work with you to implement a new work management system to replace outdated manual or cumbersome existing processes. Our services and software can import your existing drawing files into a system specifically design for space management and prepare them for area calculations and task assignments.


  • Consumer confidence disruption across all industries by COVID-19
  • Need for facilities to demonstrate cleanliness and safety for employees and consumers
  • Need for business to communicate due diligence and environmental safety

Capture information from your infection prevention efforts such as visual inspections and fluorescent markers, to more accurate bioluminescence (ATP) and microbial lab analysis and turn it into actionable data with our data visualizaiton and analysis solution.


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