enviraCHECK Mobile Environmental Data Capture

enviraCHECK is an iPhone, iPAD, and Android compatible mobile environmental capture platform ready for use on your devices. Capture data associated with the environmental condition of your facility with the ease of this simple-to-use platform. Integrate this data into our enviraPANEL solution for infection prevention and control data analysis and visualization. Lower your infection risks for your clients and employees with our total solution.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Captures barcodes, pictures, signatures, GPS location, drop downs and more
  • Customizable workflows for individuals or teams
  • Managed through a cloud management platform
  • Integrates data with our enviraPANEL advanced data analysis and visualization providing a comprehensive look at your infection control
iOS and Android Apps to capture environmental data

Our enviraCHECK Mobile Solution

enviraCHECK Mobile Capture items
enviraCHECK screens environmental data capture
Environmental Services Cleaning Inspection

enviraCHECK can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate paper and data-entry errors by automating task-related forms and reporting. Use the enviraCHECK default workflow to capture data by entering simple drop down values and text entries along with scanned barcodes, images, GPS positions, signatures and more.

Room Disinfection Events

Capture data from room disinfection events into the system including UV disinfection discharges or electrostatic mystic events with simple timers and other controls.

Other Customizable Captures

The enviraCHECK solution is fully customizable so you can create your own mobile forms to capture data relevant to your environment’s workflows.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

enviraCHECK easily integrates with enviraPANEL to provide detailed data analysis and visualization to guide your infection prevention and control efforts.

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