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AI in Environmental Assessment

enviraPANEL Data Analysis and Visualization of Your Data Capture

The enviraPANEL solution provides facilities with analyzed data needed to make informed decisions to reduce infections, maintain the confidence of clients and employees, save money and protect lives and livelihoods. enviraPANEL is accessed via the enviraSAFE™ Cloud platform of AI services. Generate reports, automate notifications to team players, perform peer group analysis and much more with this powerful platform. enviraPANEL brings your environmental data to life.
  • Visualizes and combines your infection prevention data whether it’s from Visual Inspection, Bioluminescence (ATP), Microbial Labs , UV Disinfection, Electrostatic Misting, or Housekeeping to help better manage and mitigate infection prevention risks.
  • Integrates with our enviraCHECK mobile data capture solution.
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux and other operating systems
  • Responsive design supports desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Thin client requiring no installation or IT setup
  • White label licensing available
environmental contamination analysis
Infection Risk Assessment
enviraLYTICS analysis and visualizaiton of infeciton prevention
Integrate Data from IoT, Labs, Mobile Devices and More

Extract data from data producing devices or your own event tracking system and manipulate the data within the enviraPANEL framework to present actionable data for trend analysis and decision support. Use our enviraCHECK mobile platform or data tools to send data of events or inspections into the system. Our barcoding system allows us to align microbiological lab results with the right samples. Or capture data from IoT enabled devices like UV disinfecting robots, hand hygiene monitors and much more into this platform.

Risk Mitigation

Anticipate problems and take corrective measures using AI technology and predictive analytics. enviraPANEL’s advanced visualization tools let you easily set alerts, spot trends, and track your infection prevention and control progress.

Real-time Analytics
Robust real-time analytics help you visualize potential threads and take proactive measures.
Track Environmental Contamination
Track environmental contamination via high-touch surface swabs and water samples and verified laboratory data.
HAI Data Analytics
For health care enterprises, we’ve integrated the HAIvia visualization and analytics platform to give hospitals, insurers and manufacturers a comprehensive view of HAI infections across the entire US hospital environment. Review historical infection rates, identify hospitals with high infection rates by category, perform ROI what if modeling, and much more. Learn more about this upgrade to HAIvia.

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