Infection Entry Points in the Hospitalization Process

Opportunities to Lower HAI Risk

Hundreds of millions of patients are affected by health care-associated infections (HAIs) worldwide each year. And with the introduction of outbreaks, pandemics and epidemics like SARS, MERS, H1N1 and COVID-19, the need to eliminate the spread is tantamount to life and death for many. An estimated 3.5 to 12% are affected by HAIs in upper income countries, while it varies between 5.7% and 19.1% in low- and middle-income countries. (WHO report on Healthcare Associated Infections Fact Sheet)

Hospitalization Process

Your Journey:


Your journey through the hospitalization process begins and ends with ongoing risks of contacting bacteria and viruses that are transmitted through environmental and surgical means.  MRSA, C.Diff, COVID-19, Cauti and Clabsi are just some of the shortened descriptors of what lurks at every stage of your journey, with the greatest risk coming from environmentally transmitted diseases.  

HAI Entry Points

Reducing the Risk of infections with Close Monitoring of Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures and Data Analysis

enviraCHECK test kit

Mitigating the Risk

Microscopic pathogens cannot be fully eradicated, but the risks can be minimized when proper processes and technologies are used at the right time. The touch points during your journey are numerous and simple techniques like proper hand washing; surface, water, and air disinfection; and proper isolation room procedures can all minimize your risk of encountering the microscopic foreign entities that lurk throughout these facilities.

Environmental Testing

Using various inspection techniques, cleaning efficiencies can be assessed to determine the level of clean or true disinfection.  More advanced testing practices like bioluminescence (ATP)and microbial sampling of air, water, and surfaces can help identify true effectiveness of your processes and practices.

AI in Environmental Assessment

The Value of Data

Data captured throughout the environmental and surgical cleaning and disinfection processes, along with quantifiable testing means can help facilities identify problem areas and incorporate the best practices in minimizing the risks associated with HAIs and infections within your hospital journey.

enviraPANEL and HAIvia: Data Analysis and Visualization

The enviraSAFE™ enviraPANEL is a set of dashboards and AI Cloud services to bring your environmental data to life. Generate reports, automate notifications to team players, perform peer group analysis and much more with this powerful platform. Our enviraPANEL with HAIvia Dashboard for Healthcare Facilities lets you make informed decisions to reduce HAIs, save money and lives.

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