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EnviraSAFE’s microbial sampling program is an evidence-based, third-party validation of “cleanliness” available to service providers and facilities. EnviraSAFE provides assurance of and confidence in the quality of environmental disinfection. Through our alliance with EVS Protects, we raise the bar for measurable audits within the cleaning industry – providing quality assurance and confidence in the disinfection and cleaning processes for any environment. Together we provide an evidence-based, third-party testing of cleaning products and processes that is microbial specific and quantifiable with data analysis in a way that is SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and QUICK.

Combine microbials sampling data with all your other infection prevention data for a complete status of your hygiene monitoring.

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Hygiene Monitoring with Data Analysis for Informed Decision Making

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From testing with our enviraSAFE microbial sampling kits to detailed analysis of your data, enviraSAFE provides insight into the effacacy of your cleaning and disinfection processes. Easily implement your hygiene monitoring program. Click for The Process

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Learn About Mobile Data Capture

With enviraCHECK, capture data associated with the environmental condition of your facility with the ease of an iOS or Android device. Integrate this data into our enviraLYTICS solution for infection prevention and control data analysis and visualization.  Click for enviraCHECK
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enviraPANEL provides facilities with the analyzed data needed to make informed decisions to reduce infections, maintain the confidence of clients and employees, save money and protect lives and livelihoods. enviraPANEL brings your environmental data to life. Click for enviraPANEL

From EVS Protects…


The EVS Protects program uses microbiology to detect and quantify contamination — evidence-based, scientific methods to provide quick, efficient and transparent third-party measurable auditing services that you can trust! Sampling can be performed in any environment (healthcare, food service, pharma, schools and more) to evaluate pre-cleaning, baseline contamination levels and/or post-cleaning to monitor the consistency and efficacy of cleaning processes or for the detection of specific food or clinical pathogens.

The EVS Protects program provides all training and supplies needed for sample collection. Samples are returned to an ISO/ANSI accredited microbiology lab for analysis. We have several analysis options available that can be performed using a single swab! Depending on the microbiological tests, contamination can be reported as CFU/cm2 or CFU/sample (quantitative) with or without genus/species identification as well as the enumeration of specific microorganisms of interest.

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