How it Works

The enviraSAFE Solution allows you to reliably validate the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection procedures for you, your customers, and your employees. If your preference is for microbial testing, our alliance with EVS Protects, raises the bar for measurable audits within the cleaning industry – providing quality assurance and confidence in the disinfection and cleaning processes for any environment. Together we provide an evidence-based, third-party testing of cleaning products and processes that is microbial specific and quantifiable with data analysis in a way that is SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and QUICK. Using other testing technologies such as ATP bioluminescence?  We can integrate your specific disinfection test data into our analysis platform. Taking it a step further, we can incorporate your testing data with any disinfection procedure data such as UV light treatments, electrostatic fogging or misting, and housekeeping practices for invaluable insight into your complete infection prevention efforts.

enviraSAFE environmental Analysis Process



Overall facility health can be modeled when data from Visual Inspection, Bioluminescence (ATP), and Microbial Labs is aligned with Disinfection Process Data such as UV Disinfection, Electrostatic Fogging or Misting, and Housekeeping, along with Government and Corporate data to help better manage and mitigate infection prevention risks.

Infection Prevention Data Flow

Our Process Using the enviraSAFE Kit

enviraCHECK test kit

The enviraSAFE Kit

If you choose the option of using our enviraSAFE microbial testing kits, you’ll receive a environmental test kit for your initial or maintenance activities to test high-touch surfaces, water, or airborne environments in this self contained kit. Additionally a free mobile app is provided for critical data collection. Our kits are provided through our association with EVS Protects.

Environmental Testing

Using proven microbiological test kits from our association with EVS Protects, users capture sample high-touch surfaces before and after environmental cleaning processes are conducted.  Or capture water and airborne samples with optional supplied test vials. Using a different testing technology such as ATP bioluminescence? Just send your test data for analysis.

enviraSAFE environmental testing and data capture

Mobile Capture

Use either iOS or Android mobile devices to capture key information and we’ll automatically GPS and time stamp it. Take pictures, scan the swab barcodes and select drop down entries for easy data capture. Incorporating additional environmental data using mobile capture can provide a much broader picture of your cleaning efforts and sharpen your analysis output.

enviraCHECK test kit

enviraPANEL: Data Analysis and Visualization

The enviraSAFE™ enviraPANEL is a set of dashboards and AI Cloud services to bring your environmental data to life. Adding your testing data to your disinfection events lets you delve deeply into your environment. With enviraSAFE, generate reports, automate notifications to team players, perform peer group analysis and much more with this powerful platform.
Get real insight into your cleaning and disinfection practices.

Our enviraPANEL with HAIvia Dashboard for Healthcare Facilities lets you make informed decisions to reduce HAIs, save money and lives.

Our Process Using Other Data Sources

Are you already using a different infection prevention testing method? Don’t worry we can also capture and model data from other methods such as Visual Inspection and ATP Bioluminescence testing and align this with UV Disinfection, Electrostatic Misting, and Housekeeping to help better manage and mitigate Infection Prevention Risks.

Our process is the same, data is captured via our enviraCHECK mobile platform and integrated with enviraPANEL data analysis to provide an overall view of your infection prevention activity and facility health.

other testing methods